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Bench Warrants
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Worcester Bench Warrant Lawyer

When people fail to appear in court to face charges brought against them, warrants are usually issued. Anything from failing to appear for a misdemeanor to felony criminal charges or an affidavit of a probation or community control violation allows the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest. You may be aware of these charges and choose to ignore them, but they won’t go away. When you go to apply for a job or apply for a loan or apartment, they can come back to haunt you. You also run the risk of being arrested if you have an outstanding warrant, incurring more fees from bail to fines. You may also face jail time until a judge is ready to hear your case.

Experienced Criminal Attorney

Legal professionals from the Law Office of Michael J. Brothers can help withdraw a failure to appear warrant and clear up old charges.

We have been in practice for over 21 years and have helped many address old warrants and cleared them so they may resolve their case.

If you need prompt services, we can help you. First we evaluate your case in order to find the best approach. It all depends on the severity of charges against you and the length of time a bench warrant has been in effect. To clear warrants for background checks, we can help you withdraw the warrants or surrender yourself to the judge directly to resolve your charges promptly.

No matter how long your warrant has been issued or what charges you’re facing, we are here to provide you with legal support to help you clear failure to appear arrest warrants, probation or parole violations and court order compliance issues. Don’t take the risk: call our firm today for a free consultation with a skilled and reliable bench warrant attorney at 508-944-3397.