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Probation Violation
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Probation Violation

Milford Probation Violation Lawyer

We Can Limit the Damage of a Probation Mistake

For someone who has not been convicted of a crime, failing to meet the requirements of probation might seem like a difficult task.

How hard is it to follow a few rules?  It can be very hard, in fact, especially if there is a miscommunication about conditions, reporting times to a probation officer, or other circumstances that are not the probationer’s fault.

Even if a probationer has not followed the rules due to his or her own neglect or personal problems, it is not necessarily too late to avoid a jail sentence.

Someone accused of violating you probation has a right a hearing. Sometimes it is in the probationer’s best interest to admit to a violation and seek a resolution with the probation department and the court.

The Law Office of Michael J. Brothers has represented hundreds of clients who were accused of violating their probation conditions. We are familiar with the court system in eastern Massachusetts, as well as its legal, law enforcement and judicial employees.  We will do our best to mediate between you and your probation officer to get the best possible result.  We are also prepared to take a violation to a hearing, if necessary.

For more information about how we can help you with your probation-related problems, call us in Milford, Massachusetts, at 508-944-3397.

Your Legal Strategy | Milford Probation Violation Attorney

We can defend you in any situation related to a violation of probation, including if you were:

  • Arrested for parole violations
  • Short of money to pay probation obligations
  • Arrested for a new criminal charge
  • Found to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Failed to attend a required meeting

Our lead attorney has more than a decade of experience as a trial attorney and has defended clients accused of a variety of probation violations. He can meet with you, discuss your situation, and devise a strategy designed to limit or eliminate the consequences of your alleged failure.

Free Consultations | Probation Surrender Hearing Attorney

“I am dedicated to helping clients reach the best possible outcome, no matter what they are charged with, no matter how serious or how unpopular the charge. I’ll represent you because you have rights.” – Attorney Michael J. Brothers

An effective probation violation defense does not always involve confrontation. Our law firm emphasizes negotiations with authorities when possible. Because we can use a variety of effective defenses, we can work proactively to limit the damage of a probation violation. We also can represent you at your probation surrender hearing.

For a free consultation with an experienced eastern Massachusetts surrender hearing lawyer, call us at 508-944-3397 toll free or contact us online.