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Operating After License Suspended
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Operating After License Suspended

Experienced Defense Against Operating After License Suspended Charge

People lose their privelege of driving for many different reasons.  The penalties for a conviction of Operating After License Suspended include additional time for loss of license and possible jail.  The possibility of jail increases with the number of prior convictions, and a suspension for an OUI carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 60 days.

As with any crime, there are defenses to Operating After License Suspended, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.  In other words it  is not always a “slam dunk” for the Commonwealth to prove, since they have to prove all of the elements of the offense.

At the Massachusetts Law Office of Michael J. Brothers, we consider every possible challenge to this charge, including those defenses that are not obvious to someone who does not have experience defending these cases.  And as we have with hundreds of Operating After Suspension cases, we can also negotiate a resolution with the goal of avoiding jail time and additional time for license suspension.  We defend clients in Taunton, Milford, Uxbridge, Marlborough, Wareham, Wrentham and throughout all of Eastern Massachusetts, and we have represented hundreds of clients charged with Operating After License Suspended.  Call 508-944-3397 to schedule free initial consultation.