There are times, but usually around a holidays, when police set up a roadblock to find drunk drivers.   Typically, the police will stop cars passing by a designated area and ask the driver a few questions.  If they detect that the person may be under the influence by the way they speak or appear, or by the odor of alcohol coming from their breath, they may ask that person to leave the vehicle and ask more questions and have them do “field sobriety exercises/tests viagra france achat.” If, in their opinion, (and it is an opinion, not a mathematical fact), that that person is under the influence of alcohol or a drug, they may be charged with OUI. While these roadblocks are allowed under Massachusetts law, the police must follow specific procedures when conducting them.  If they fail to follow these procedures, then the evidence they obtain may not be admissible in court.   This means that the person charged with an OUI would have a potential defense.

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